Post-Op Day 16

Today was my last official day off seeing as I don’t count the weekends. It was a bit bittersweet. As much as I can’t wait to be “normal” in all sense of the word, it was fun to have a mini-vacation seeing that my work can get pretty stressful at some points.

Out of workaholic induced guilt, I almost went in to work today for the sole purpose of email checking. However, I am glad I didn’t. I was exhausted this morning and the thought of attempting a 20 minute commute was just not happening. I opted to stay home for my last day, but did try to be productive by writing, doing laundry and washing dishes. Needless to say I was tired and ended up taking a 2 hour nap. Again, so glad I stayed home. I obviously wouldn’t have been able to nap if I opted to go to work.

I actually drove today. First time! I ended up driving one way to a restaurant for dinner, but had my husband drive back home. My incisions are a bit tender and I had what felt like a runner’s cramp on the side of my “still healing” incision that would not go away. Regardless, the restaurant was 15 min away so I was happy I had a driving test run before work on Monday. It’s so surreal that my “recovery” period came and went already.

Post Op-Day 15

It’s funny to think one small prick would take me over the edge.

Today was my post-op and as I sat getting my vitals done, the fingertip blood sample was the final straw. After 2 weeks of pain, some the most excruciating I’d ever experienced (my period), who woulda thought one finger prick of pain would lead me to internally groan and think, “I’m sick of this sh*t.”

Things I learned during my post-op:

1. My fibroid was 5cm (63 grams). To put it in perspective, a uterus is 70 grams.

2. I actually have 5 incisions as she opted not to go thru my belly button.

3. I had stage 4 endo, which was all cleaned out.

4. My tubes, etc are all fine

5. I can resume “normal” activity as I can stand it.

6. I can’t TTC until after my next postop in September, but I can have safe sex. I know hubby will be happy.

7. They lost a needle not a hook and it was on my appendix apparently

Looks like reality is looming. My coworkers have already begun texting me. As much as I can’t wait to be normal again, I’m going to miss spending all day with my dog and watching the Duggars and Law and Order. On top of that, just going out today exhausted me. How will I last an 8 hr workday?

Anyhoo, I’m just glad I had this operation done and over with. It was exciting yet scary.

Post-Op Day 13/14

I know I haven’t been keeping up with this as best as I could, but honestly I’ve been sleepy, dealing with a vomiting dog, taking care of some “book” stuff and also dealing with incision pain and the side effects of Percocet. Though dizziness and grogginess is better than pain, after awhile it gets old.

I’ll update ya’lls after my post-op tomorrow.

Post-Op Day 12

As I am writing this my incisions are burning. I’m worried I did something to set me back as I feel as achy as I was on Day 4. I’m still on my period and called the dr for a Percocet refill. Initially there were some questions as it is a narcotic, but luckily they were able to refill it. Seeing as I still don’t feel comfortable driving, my parents were able to pick it up and fill the script. On the plus side it’s my anniversary! Had some sushi but forgot il sensitive to spicy food which sucks since I LOVE spicy stuff. Hopefully the sensitivity will pass once I’m fully healed.

Post-Op Day 9/10/11

Obviously I haven’t been keeping up with this during the past few days and for good reason. My period came on Day 10.

Quick recap about Day 9 — I was exhausted all day and took a lot of naps hence the lack of posting.

Now, let me preface this by saying that I had read other blogs, message boards and forums that had mixed experiences about the first period. Some weren’t so bad and some apparently were extremely painful. The latter resonated with me the most, yet I underestimated just how BAD the first period was.

I was a day late and on my first day (Post-op 10) it really wasn’t so bad. The blood flow was light and dark brown in color. Initially, I thought I’d be one of the lucky ones. I was wrong.

The 2nd day of my period started off innocent enough. Tomorrow is my 2 year wedding anniversary and given the lack of fun stuff my husband and I could do (this includes sex unfortunately) we decided to stretch out the celebration over the weekend by doing relaxing, easy things. We started out by going to a breakfast cafe we had wanted to try for awhile and once again I only took about 3 bites of my food and I was done. It still amazes me just how much my appetite/cravings have changed since surgery. Next, we decided to take a quick trip to the beach. Obviously I wouldn’t be swimming or even going near the ocean water, but I figured a quick walk and laying out wouldn’t do me any wrong. We stayed for about 2 hours and I was so exhausted from walking on the sand that we decided to head home. We then bought some spicy pork bulgogi from a local Korean restaurant for lunch and called it a day.

Then the “fun” started.

Let me explain my pain tolerance level. For certain things I have pretty high tolerance but anything having to do with stomach pains makes me a major wimp. During my pre-op I was asked which level of pain between 1-10 that I would start needing meds on. I answered 3. Well, the period pain I experienced was def not 3. It was much, much higher. I’m not saying this will happen to everyone. Like I said, I’ve read about some women who had no problems at all. Yet, I had the problems. The best way I can describe my pain was like someone was trying to yank my uterus out of my body – muscle fibers included. My vaginal walls were cramping, my lower back was in pain and even my abdominal muscles hurt, which further irritated the incisions. You know the cramps you get with a UTI? The bladder cramps? It was similar to that as well, but way worst. It felt as if my insides were trying to come out. It got so bad that I called the Doctor on call (as it was the weekend), but all she could tell me was that my pain could be “normal” given my uterus is still tender, but if it got worse or didn’t get better, I should head to the E.R.

Well, I took some Percocet and the pain dulled so I thought it was fine, but once the meds wore off it hit me even worse! It got so bad that I felt nauseated. I was afraid to urinate knowing that it would set off more cramps. However, my husband advised that maybe I should go pee to help relieve my full bladder. Well, I did and all the pushing made me nauseated and I couldn’t even wait until my husband grabbed the trashcan as I obviously was in too much pain to grab it for myself. I vomited all over the bathroom floor while sitting on the toilet. Yes, please imagine that visual. My husband was great and helped me up and cleaned the mess with no complaints.

I went back to my little recovery nest and had what I believe was either a panic attack or my body sending endorphins/blood to the area in pain. My arms, from elbows to fingertips, and legs, from calves to toes, fell asleep. I felt drained, in pain and completely weak. I was in too much pain to talk and I felt extremely hot though my husband told me that my skin was cold. It was the closest and God willing the  only time I was on the verge of calling 9-1-1. It was the worst pain I’d ever experienced in my life. On a scale of 1-10 it was an 11. I am not even exaggerating. I’m a bit worried as I heard the 2nd month is just as bad. If that’s the case, I might have to call out sick once again. I’m terrified of how it’ll be next month.

We’re thinking it was due to a combo of spicy food (apparently this surgery can cause indigestion), over exertion from walking on the beach and of course menstrual cramps. I get that I am still healing, but even at my worst period it was nothing compared to this. Praying it’ll be better next time around.



Post-Op Day 8

So yesterday was Day #8. I’ve resigned to taking Percocet for bed time relief with no medication during the day, but that doesn’t come without its cost.

Yesterday my incisions were burning. They weren’t excruciating or anything, but they weren’t pleasant either. It felt like someone was pressing cigarettes onto my skin for half a second and then pulling them away.

I did a stupid thing. My dog almost ran out of the house when my family came by to have lunch with me. As a dog mom I let my instincts take over and PICKED UP my 30-lb mutt! Luckily I didnt fully straighten myself and used mostly my arms to do so (amazing how much upper body strength i’ve gained during recovery) but nonetheless I was freaking out. I called my doctor’s office and spoke to a nurse who told me that just as long as I wasn’t in any pain and not bleeding anywhere I was probably fine. She was going to tell the doctor, but given that I never got a call back I’m sure I’m fine. At least I hope I am. My incisions continued to hurt all day long.

My period was due yesterday but it is nowhere in sight! I am getting some PMS symptoms like breast tenderness and mood swings, but still no bleeding. The nurse said it was normal to be late after a major operation.

I’ve been exhausted and not feeling up to doing certain things. Like right now I hardly feel like writing this. That being said: DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical professional so anything I say on this blog should not be taken as medical advice, diagnosis, prognosis or a prediction of what you’ll endure. Please contact your medical professional for any concerns.

That being said I guess I’m on the opposite end of the “fast recovery” spectrum. I am exhausted.

Post-Op Day 7

I can’t believe that it’s been a week – A WEEK – since I’ve had surgery. Those 2 months preceding surgery seemed to take forever yet it seems that the days are flying by now.

I started the day feeling pretty good. In fact, I tried to go med free today. That’s right, I believed I was just “sore” and no meds were needed so I ignored the red bottle of Percocet and Ibuprofen.

I had my first visitor today. She came bearing Starbucks! It was great seeing her, but you know what I quickly found out? That speaking and sitting for longer than a few minutes makes me dizzy. Sure, it had happened before but I blamed the meds. Given that the last time I took meds was earlier yesterday evening, I didn’t have that to blame anymore. Soon I was lightheaded and needed to take deep breaths.

Stupidly I picked up a stack of books. Luckily, the stack wasn’t too heavy, but it did make me paranoid as I not only have to worry about the Dermabond but also the internal stitches. Luckily, I don’t feel as if I’d pulled anything so hopefully I’m fine.

It was my Sis-In-Law’s bday and I was already tuckered out from my visit that I had no idea how I’d do during her dinner. I was happy it was just going to be held at my in-law’s house and it’d be just the family. Amidst the questioning from my 2 nieces, the dinner was actually fine. My Mom-in-law is a retired nurse and when I told her my concerns about skipping work (I have a full-time job aside from writing) for so long she told me what everyone else told me:

  1. I’m entitled to my time off
  2. This surgery is MAJOR surgery
  3. It’s too dangerous to go back to work early

Given the fact that I’m still dizzy and that the day without meds has left me to feel like I did Post-Op Day 4 ON MEDS, it’s safe to say I’m not fully better. Funny what being adult does to you. You feel guilty for taking time off even when  you need it. I guess I needed medical personnel to tell me. Oh! Forgot to mention my visitor was my Pharmacist friend so she actually enlightened me about certain things as well.

The exhaustion is still pretty bad. What I’ve found is that walking doesn’t bother me as much as talking and sitting still. Who woulda thought?

I’m still experiencing RLS in my legs at night. As we speak my left leg is starting to tingle. I hope there’s no clot. I mean, I’d know right? Also, I’m due to start my period tomorrow. We’ll see if my cycle is still regular.



Post-Op Day 6

The fold of my feet have been sore recently. I’m not sure if it’s a side effect of medication, anesthesia or just sore since I’ve been using my feet and arms to anchor me. This whole experience has opened my eyes to just how much my core is used for certain tasks. However, it has also strengthened my limbs considerably. Having never been really able to do a simple push up, I wouldn’t be surprised if I can suddenly rock em.

Today was an off day for me. I felt more exhausted than yesterday and just plain weak, because of that this entry will be cut short.